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Bounce. Fall. Celebrate.

posted by Jessica Carroll December 30, 2017

We all fall … and there’s many ways we fall. We are running towards the finish line and trip, only to watch everyone race past us. We have our hearts set on a prom date, only to watch him walk up to the brunette from science class and ask her instead… with a red rose. We have the best audition of our lives, for that dream job, anticipating a callback that never happens. We look into our father’s eyes and hear him say, “I have cancer. I’m fighting for my life.” We pour our heart and soul into finding love on a reality show, then stand and watch as 21 roses are handed out yet we remain empty handed.

What is a fall?

A fall is when you have your heart set on a dream. We imagine a great accomplishment in great detail. We plan every outfit for every date whether it’s a one-on-one or a group date. We can imagine getting the final rose yet find ourselves going home with three unopened bags. Mascara streaks down our face; tear marks on our rose-colored red dress. We call our mom and tell her, “He let me go. I didn’t get a rose.” We’re winded in disbelief, a shattered dream…A fall.

What is a bounce?

A bounce is when we find the flicker of light in the darkness, we rise from our ruins, and we push past the obstacles and search for the opportunities. My dad used to always say, “It’s not how hard you fall it’s how high you bounce that really matters in the end!”

This is my short story on the lessons I learned after a big fall and a big bounce that led to a toast with rosé with my new lifelong sisters, The Rosé Girls. We all have a plan until we’re punched in the heart, but that punch, i.e. fall, is a catalyst for us to become even stronger. We just have to show up, recognize the message in the madness, rediscover our purpose and ourselves, set new goals, create a new dream board and own our victories. The most important thing is to toast and celebrate with the people who we cross paths with on the journey, because I believe it’s not what we do in life but who we do it with that makes all the difference.

I couldn’t be more grateful for my big fall on national television, because I met The Rosé Girls, and I’ve bounced back. And bounced back high! Leaving me feeling more inspired than I ever dreamed possible. We bonded on that long painful bus ride home fighting back tears and became friends for life, and The 7 Shades of Rosé.

I hope you follow my blog and The Rosé Girls podcast about falling, bouncing and celebrating life with rosé. Cheers!




Move. Nourish. Believe.

posted by Jessica Carroll December 28, 2017

Move. Nourish. Believe.

That is the lifestyle Lorna Jane encourages women around the world to live by.

I absolutely fell in love with her brand, her active clothing line, and Lorna Jane Clarkson herself (oh and her dog, of course). I immediately knew I wanted to collaborate because the message of Lorna Jane and JCTV are parallel … Living a positive confident lifestyle.

“Once you discover your purpose in life and experience the fulfillment and happiness that comes from living authentically, you won’t waist one more second of your precious life living any other way.”- Lorna Jane

Before I started JCTV I was focused on always being better… perfect…making everyone happy. I have come to discover the importance of just being “Myself”…

My authentic self.

Don’t you agree that we all have an inner “mean girl”?

“You’re not pretty enough”

“You’re not skinny enough”

“You’re not successful enough”

Well, guess what! We can choose to unfriend that destructive inner bully by living an active healthy lifestyle.

What is active healthy living? It’s getting more out of life by giving more of yourself every day. Ask yourself. Am I doing what I love? Am I spending my time with the people I want to be around? What is my “why”, my purpose? Am I making healthy decisions?

Focusing on yourself should always be your first priority, that doesn’t mean you’re self-centered, it just means you are taking care of yourself first before you make a difference to others.   When you are full of happiness and self-confidence on the inside, you will project that on the outside and when you’re light is shining, you are actually giving others permission to shine their brilliance as well.  Just like Lorna Jane. She is an Active Living advocate.

Lorna Jane helps motivate you to workout. I lay out my clothes the night before and wake up excited to wear them! When you look good you feel good. When you are wearing her clothes you feel the confidence and freedom to live the best, most active life. Her clothes are bright colors, funky designs, and made of the most comfortable fabrics.

Doesn’t it feel great when you look in the mirror at the gym and you no longer see negativity, instead you see a motivated girl staring back at you? Why do we go to the gym? Isn’t it to better ourselves? … How awesome is that? It’s an hour out of our day to focus on making ourselves stronger mentally and physically.

Doesn’t it feel good to Move, Nourish, Believe and shine our brilliance?




Yoga Club

posted by Jessica Carroll December 21, 2017

6 Reasons This Is The Best Gift For Fitness Lovers

Do you have a yogi, gym-goer, athleisure loving lady in your life who you are searching to give the best gift ever to? Namaste!

Yoga Club is as making our lives so such easier this holiday season because they came out with a Yoga Club Box, which I am obsessed with! Here are 6 reasons why this is the perfect gift to give your fitness guru girls!

First things first! Buying a gift includes only one box of the selected package. No membership purchase required. Does not auto-renew. It’s a one-time gift!

Why is this is perfect gift?

  1. Delivered!
    Like Amazon prime. Order it online in the comfort of your own home, and the Yoga Club box is delivered right to your loved one’s door. Saves you time and if you don’t live in the same area…no prob!
  2. Save Money
    Your friend will receive top notch yoga clothes from top brands like Varley, Splendid, Free people, Onzie and that’s just to name a few and little does she know you saved 60% on retail. She’ll think you’ve spent a fortune! The clothes are ADORABLE!
  3. Get a new workout partner in the mix. She will want to show off her new clothes!
  4. Plus you’re a great friend and will encourage her to workout during the holidays too! Hello Healthy living!
  5. Plus it’s a unique gift – and one that she will use for a long long time!
  6. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! So by you purchasing a box not only will your BFF be happy but for every box delivered a yoga class is donated to a child in need.

If you want 20% use the code JESSICA20

Check out some of the clothes I have received in my boxes so far!



Best Beauty Lover Gift Ideas

posted by Jessica Carroll December 20, 2017

Tis the season to GIVE! I love the holidays for many reasons but one of them is because it’s an excuse to spoil your loved ones.

Here are incredible gift ideas for Beauty Lovers that are gorgeously packaged and ready-to-give!



I am all about giving gifts that your girlfriend will actually use. If you have a friend who already owns a Clarisonic, first of all, great friend to have because she knows the importance of properly cleaning your face, secondly, save her the trouble of buying new heads. You know she will use and it comes with their new foundation brush which helps you apply your makeup flawlessly.

I also use both these heads and reviewed them here!

Lash Boost – Rodan and Fields


Do you know a girl who is considering getting lash extensions? Or spends way too much time putting on fake ones? Save her the hassle and possibility of losing all her lashes later on by gifting her this Lash Boost. I personally use it and in only 4 works I noticed a difference in my natural lashes. I know it’s more on the pricey side but confidence is priceless!

Email my girl Mary for a discounted price!

I did a full review on it here!


Bodycare Besties

With the holidays comes busy schedules, lost of travel, and very little “ME TIME”. With this kit, your friend can enjoy a spa staycation wherever she is. This brown sugar body polish leaves your skin feeling like a baby’s bum. And don’t even get me started on the grapefruit scene…no joke, at times when I’m stressed, I grab the tube and sniff it.

Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Beauty Box

Possibly the best-tinted lip moisturizers on the planet. And you get six of them! The only sweet tooth your friend will ever once she tries these, is for Sugar Lip!