Carbonated Bubble Face Mask Review

posted by Jessica Carroll August 15, 2016

Celebrities are all about their face masks and the latest craze is the carbonated bubble clay mask.  This is another Korean product and they are serious about their skincare.   It is supposed to clean deep skin — giving your face a nice bubble bath!  It even claims to remove your make up if you apply without washing your face first, while cleansing, exfoliating and unclogging those pesky pores.  It’s packed with active ingredients such as charcoal powder, which we all know is excellent for your skin, as well as other natural ingredients like green tea and pomegrantate extracts, and collagen.  The mask works by interacting with oxygen which causes the mask to foam up.  Be careful not to leave the lid off too long while applying as the continued air exposure will lead to oxidation.  I found this out as I was applying!

So let me tell you how it worked out for me.. Within the first minute of applying, I could see and feel the bubbles right forming on my face.  I could feel a tingling sensation, like it was really working on my skin, and it felt like hundreds of little ants crawling on my face — sounds weird, I know. But after 5 minutes, I must say it really foamed up.  The mask expanded and became unexpectedly thick!  I think I looked like a Disney animated monster with it on, but you can see for yourself by clicking here to watch my latest video!  Why don’t you try it out for your next GNI (girls night in!).  Invite your friends over, turn on a chick flick, serve some wine and add some carbonation to your face to Snap, Crackle, & POP the night away!

Click HERE if you want to purchase it.



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