The Fastest & Most comfortable way to add Shape to your booty

posted by Jessica Carroll December 30, 2016

Tall, skinny, short, curvy – there is no denying that every girl has her own unique shape. Which is awesome because everyone is a one-of-a-kind!

Nowadays everyone is talking about the BOOTY! Even the adorable animals in the new movie Sing are singing about butts. Which by the way I was worked the red carpet at the movie premiere and convinced the cast to sing for me…it’s pretty funny! The link to the video is below!

Anyways, back to body shape…having a junk-in-the-trunk is on trend (thanks to the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan). Recently I looked in the mirror and realized that my booty doesn’t have much shape to it. So my friends over at MD Gear Shapewear sent me two Body Shapers (a shorts version and a pant version) to help add some oomph to my derrière. I happily put them to the test and the results are in the video!


I must say I was shocked with the outcome! If you want to get a pair of MD Shapewear please tweet me @JessCarrollTV! Also let me know what you thought of the results!

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Happy New Year!


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