Get Emma Stone’s Award Winning Lips

posted by Jessica Carroll February 10, 2017

There is a trend going on in the celeb world and it’s, “Bigger the better!” That goes for boobs, butts, and LIPS. If you weren’t blessed with a pillowy pout like me, good news, there are a lot of different ways that you can still get that Kylie Jenner pout! Obviously you can get lip fillers but OWEEEE :/ — or you could go the non-needle route and use lip-plumping masks. A lot of celebrities have been posting hilarious selfies rocking these goofy masks.

In fact, Lady Gaga, who looked amazing at the Super Bowl and Emma Stone, who is dominating the award show this year with her role in LA LA Land are both obsessed with this one from Tony Moly called the Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch.

My friends over at Peach and Lily sent me a pack. It is $4 dollars and it claims to make your lips soft, smooth and kissable!

Emma Stone’s makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, told SELF magazine that she is, “Obsessed with them.” Goodwin says the mask makes lips feel “really soft and really plump,” and “it just makes lipstick look much smoother and your lips look fuller.”

Obviously I gave it a try! Find out if the mask asked worked in my video! Dill, my dog, also shared his thoughts.

Let me know if you have ever tried a lip mask and lets keep the conversation going on social media at @JessCarrollTV.

Click here to check out the Tony Moly: Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch.




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