Gigi Hadid Panda Face Mask Review

posted by Jessica Carroll April 22, 2016

Can we fangirl over Gigi Hadid for a second.

I mean, every girl wants to be her BFF and every guy wants to date her…am I right?

Not only is her fashion always on point.


Her personality is quirky, fun, and lively.




Well, good news you can now get one step closer to getting her flawless, moisturized, glowing skin. Gigi just revealed her #1 beauty secret is before all her photoshoots…

A PANDA Face Mask. Yup, you get to transform into a panda for 15 minutes rocking the raddest face mask that will moisturize your skin to get that glowing, smooth look.


Obviously I had to give this a try. Check out the video above to find out if Gigi’s Panda Mask is actually a Quick Fix!


If you want to score one of Gigi’s panda face masks check out the links below.

I ordered mine on Amazon because I order EVERYTHING on this incredible site.

Or you can check out KOLLECTIONK.

OR there is a similar version at ULTA.

Have fun Panda’ing around and don’t forget to take a selfie.



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