Gigi Hadid Stuart Weitzman Boots Look for Less; Holiday Gift Guide

posted by Jessica Carroll November 18, 2016

Wowza! Is anyone else in shock that it’s almost Thanksgiving?!

Considering the holiday season is just around the corner I am doing a fun Holiday Gift Guide series where I share less expensive alternatives to popular and expensive celebrity endorsed products.

I hope by the end of this series you have a plethora of unique and fun gift ideas for your loved ones and friends.

First one our list is Gigi Hadid’s new Stuart Weitzman Boots. She launched them a few months ago and they are HOT!!!

The only downside is that they are almost $600! GULP. So I went out and found almost an identical pair of lace up boots for a lot lot less!

Let me introduce to you the cutest black booties from Zara that are only $89 dollars! Now that is much more affordable right?! So if you have a friend who is a huge fan of Gigi Hadid, like myself, and is sporty yet sexy these shoes might be the perfect gift!

Gigi wanted to design a pair of boots that could be warn casually during the day and dressy at night. But her main focus was that they had to be COMFORTABLE!

So I put these Zara shoes to the test to see if I could box in them just like Gigi did in her Stuart Weitzman shoes.

Watch the video to find out!

Stay tuned for many more Gift Guides and please tweet me @JessCarrollTV if you have a product that you want to know if it’s on my naught or nice list!


P.S. Huge shout out to Box N’ Burn in Brentwood, California for letting me use their amazing facility!

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