**GIVEAWAY** The Best Way To Have Fun & Workout For YOU

posted by Jessica Carroll January 13, 2017


I just did a fun collaboration with the amazing fitness trainer, Katie Austin. I’m so excited to announce that she’s kindly giving one of my lucky followers her INCREDIBLE 8-Week Workout Guide for FREE!!

—GIVEAWAY is sadly over!—–

If you want to sign up for her 8-Week Workout Guide and Daily Recipes use the code JESS20 for 20{34fb4eeda169cb5dad04eef044e1cf7f06c385608f13d9640b5cf0ca5badb836} off! 🙂


Now back to this week’s video!

Khloe Kardashian is officially known as the Workout Guru. And for a good reason! She looks amazing! And she seems happy too! When she first started to post gym selfies she motivated me and I admire her for striving to be her best self.

Khloe Kardashian gym selfie

When she announced that she would be the host of E! Networks new show called, ‘Revenge Body‘ it kind of made me cringe. Because in every commercial Khloe asks the contestants, “Who do you want this revenge body for?” and, “Let’s make our haters our biggest motivators!”

Revenge Body Khloe Kardashian

For me personally, I believe working out should be for YOU. To make you feel good, feel strong, feel empowered, feel healthy, and feel alive. Yes working out is a great way to release stress but it should always be for you! You should be your own motivator. It makes me sad that they are featuring people who think that once they transform their looks people will love and accept them. It starts with self-love! Be the best YOU and your love from within will illuminate the world around you.

I reached out to my friend and fitness enthusiast, Katie Austin, to join us in this video because she has built an entire brand on how working out should be for YOU. As I mentioned above in the GIVEAWAY, she just launched her very own 8-Week Fitness Guide that is full of daily workouts, with NO equipment needed and home recipes.

We want you to join our workout party and watch the video above as we workout our entire body with 4 fun exercises.

  1. ABS

Side Crunch

15 reps each side


  1. LEGS

Side Lunges

15 reps each side



Lunge Leg Raise

15 reps each leg


  1. ARMS

Tricep Dips

25 Total

Remember, working out should always be fun and should be for YOU! Not haters needed. Love the skin you’re in!



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