Golden Globes 10 Best Moments

posted by Jessica Carroll January 9, 2017

Yesterday was not any Sunday…it was the GOLDEN SUNDAY

 10 Best moments from the 2017 Golden Globes!

Jimmy Fallon hosted the award show but we never saw him. Too much champagne maybe?! The open tho…

Tracee Ellis Ross made history wearing a lot of rings!

Goldie Hawn forgot her glasses and thank goodness because she and Amy Schumer stole the show!

Ryan Gosling confirmed he’s not Ryan Reynolds during his emotional speech.

And speaking of Ryan Reynolds, he tried to make orange the new Black Tie. #SprayTanFail

Ryan Reynolds Emma watson Golden Globes

oh yeah, and he kissed Andrew Garfield and liked it!


Sophia Vergara said “Anal” on stage

Emma Stone had a super “awkward moment”. Lesson to be learned, the wife’s kiss always comes first!

Meryl Streep’s speech- Instead of talking about her triumph she toppled Trump.


Best Dressed Male goes to Dev Patel’s mini me co-star!

Its not the Golden Globes without Brad Pitt! #Surprise

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