Instagram Viral Face Mask Hanacure Review

posted by Jessica Carroll August 17, 2017

If you’re a fan of Drew Barrymore or a follower of beauty trends on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the Hanacure mask—it’s the face mask that makes you look zombie-like or like an old g-ma! According to Drew Barrymore, she said this mask, “changed her life” on Instagram so I had to test it out!

On the Hanacure website, it claims the masks reduce pores, hyperpigmentation, basically meaning the darker spots on your skin, and wrinkles.

There is even an Instagram page called Hanancure Effect where they just upload before and after pictures of people who have used the face mask, and I must say they are pretty impressive.

Before I tested it out, I looked at the ingredients and they actually looked promising. It contains peptides that claim to brighten, tighten, and minimize the appearance of pores. For example, lotus leaf extract can minimize oil production and refine pores, and copper peptides can stimulate collagen to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Here’s how it works: The kit includes three items — a Lifting Serum, a Gelling Solution, and a brush — which should all be mixed together. After popping open the Lifting Serum’s cap, pour it into the Gelling Solution’s pod, and shake for about 20 seconds. The mixture, which should be a gel-like consistency by now, is ready for application. Here’s where the brush comes in: Begin painting the treatment onto your face, covering everything but your eyes and mouth. Once completely coated with the jelly slime, let it dry and sit for about a half hour.

Now the real question is, is this $29 dollar face mask worth the hype…watch the video above to find out!

Let me know what your favorite face mask is!  And if you have tried this Hanacure face mask please let me know how your experience went!




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