Kardashian Cellulite Reducer Review

posted by Jessica Carroll January 18, 2018

Another day, another Karadashian endorsed product. Khloe Kardashian claims The Fascia Blaster (which looks like a scary claw weapon) helps reduce her cellulite. I put the tool the test for and used it every day for 30-days to see if it actually works!

Watch the video above to find out if it worked for me!

According to the founder of the Fascia Blaster, Ashley Black, the tool is supposed to:

Reduce cellulite

Reduce pain

Accelerate muscle recovery

Improve blood flow

Increase flexibility

I invited my sexy scientist friend, Olivia Pavco-Giaccia, who studied science at Yale University to explain what fascia is and share the science behind The Fascia Blaster! Very interesting stuff!

Blasting Fascia is not a simple process!


For best results, warm up internally with about a 10-15 minutes of cardio, and then warm up externally with a hot shower. Heat increases circulation, puts the fascia in a more malleable state, and prepares the tissue for optimal restoration.


Always use oil when using the Fascia Blaster to ensure the claws glide smoothly and easily on your skin.

STEP 3: Rub the Fascia Blaster On Your Skin

Briskly rub the fascia blaster up and down and side to side in every direction – EXCEPT CIRCLES. The skin should turn red indicating increased blood flow.

STEP 4: Apply Cream After

Use your hands to flush and massage with cream after to help aid recovery.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Please let me know if you have any other secrets to reduce cellulite!

Make sure to check out Olivia’s dope YouTube channel where she combines pop culture and science!




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