The Kardashian Selfie Case, Naughty Or Nice? Holiday Gift Guide

posted by Jessica Carroll November 30, 2016

This holiday season is about to be LIT! Why?

Because I found you the perfect gift to give to your Instagram-obsessed friend that will seriously light up their life (and face!)

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get the perfect lighting on their Instagram selfies? It’s because they all own an LED Light Up Phone Case. But the question is which brand will make you look best?

On my holiday gift guide series, Shae Wilbur and I put two brands to the test. We took selfies with the Kardashian-approved LuMee, and with the latest SnapLight Case to see which one provided the best lighting.

Watch the video to find out which brand was on our Naughty list and which one was on our Nice list!




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