Kardashian Weight Loss Suit Review

posted by Jessica Carroll April 26, 2017

From waist trainers to Fit Tea, the Kardashians are always promoting very questionable quick fixes to lose weight. The latest one is called the Sauna Sweat Suit. It looks like a trash bag that you wear when you workout to trap heat and make you sweat more. According to Kim Kardashian, it helped her shed her last few pounds.

My friend, and fellow YouTuber, Chantelle Paige joined me in this video and we gave put this goofy looking sauna suit to the test.

The results are in the video above.

P.S. How big and adorable was that dog?

Let me know your thoughts on the sauna suit and make sure to check out Chantelle Paige’s YouTube channel. She also posted a fun behind-the -scenes video!

I also want to give Chase Carnahan a huge shout out for filming and editing this video. Thank you!

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