The Kardashian’s Sugar Bear Hair Craze Review!

posted by Jessica Carroll June 1, 2016

I’m putting another Kardashian Instagram craze to the test: Sugar Bear Hair! There are endless posts online from dozens of celebs touting that this cute, bear shaped gummy vitamin promises stronger, longer hair and breakage prevention while nourishing hair from within.  Is it true?  Can these little, blue gummies be the miracle hair growth product I’ve been looking for all these years?

So I color and cut my hair every 8 weeks and my job as an on camera host puts my hair to the test with the use of endless products and damaging heating devices.  And some of you may know that with the passing of my dad a few years ago, I became ill with anxiety and depression and ultimately stopped taking care of myself.  The first symptom of my illness I noticed was extreme hair breakage and loss, so I’ve been struggling to find the right products to help promote hair health and growth.  After seeing endorsements left and right for Sugar Bear Hair, I was super excited to try these adorable gummies out.  I took them for 30 days to see if they did indeed promise rapunzel-like hair!  I started on the first day of my hair cut/color and checked back in with my hair 30 days later.  Do you want to know if it’s a quick fix or quick fib?  Watch my video to find out!

I’ll also fill you in on some of my personal top hair tips for breakage prevention and overall hair wellness!  Are you willing to embrace the dirty life and go 4 days without washing your hair?  Don’t be frightened, I’ll even give you some hair styling tips so you can fool your coworkers and family.  They will never know!  Happy hair flipping and whipping!


The hair products I used are:

Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo

Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Condition

Smooth Style Serum after I get out of the shower before applying any heat products to my hair

And of course, Biotin! 



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