Kendall Jenner Lipstick Review From Estee Edit

posted by Jessica Carroll December 16, 2016

Turn down for what!

What’s up my beauties!

Today’s Holiday Gift Guide is for any girl out there who wants to DOUBLE their lipstick collection with one tube of lipstick. No Joke!!!!

I tested out Kendall Jenner’s lipstick called Turn Down Lip Flip with Estee Edit! It claims to be a Shade Transformer? What does that mean? According to the website the tube holds the power to take any of your favorite colors down a notch and give your lips instant attitude. Basically all that means is that if you put a layer of the Turn Down Black lipstick on top of one of your favorite colors it will make it a darker hue.

Before I put it to the test, I tried the black lipstick on by itself and WOW! It is very dark.

Just went out and bought the new @kendalljenner Lipstick by @esteeedit What do you guys think!? It's great, right! Well, it's not really a lipstick, check out my YouTube channel to find out what it REALLY does, it's pretty cool! (link in bio)

Then I applied my favorite Cherry Red from Smashbox and carefully swiped on the Turn Down Transformer over top and then rubbed my lips together to blend the two shades in. The results? You’ll need to watch my YouTube video to find out!

While the black hue certainly looked intimidating in the tube, I must say I was shocked by the results!

Thanks for watching my video and please tweet me @JessCarrollTV if you have a celebrity endorsed product that you would like me to review!





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