posted by Jessica Carroll June 21, 2017

Every so often a celebrity makes a claim that seems way too good to be true. So when Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears started endorsing this skincare line called AMLA created by a plastic surgeon named Raj Kanodia, I knew I had to really put it to the test.

I’m pretty well-known for putting companies like this on blast for their crazy claims, but the company was SO confident their product would work that they sent ME a box to try it out.

Dr. Kanodia believes that beauty comes from both the inside and the out, which is why there are two supplements AND two ointments. I’ve never taken a tablet for my skin before so I was interested to see if it would work.

Amla is an Indian gooseberry, which apparently has the most antioxidants than any fruit in the world. The products claim to help your skin by creating more collagen, which prevents wrinkling over time and gives your skin a more youthful look. Sounds good right?!

I tested out the products for 3 weeks and shared my thoughts in the video above.

Here are the steps to get this whole routine down.

  1. AMLA Rejuvenate Supplement in the morning with breakfast
  2. AMLA Peptide Serum in the morning
  3. AMLA Relax Supplement at night
  4. AMLA Moisturizing & Nourishing Cream at night

If you want to get your hands on the AMLA products check out their website. #ad

Here are the ingredients:

AMLA Rejuvenate

AMLA Relax

AMLA Peptide Serum

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any skincare secrets please message me on Instagram @JessCarrollTV.



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