Kim Kardashian Tan Contour For only $12

posted by Jessica Carroll September 16, 2016

Celebrities have long used the contouring.  The Kardashians, Chrissy Teigen, and most Hollywood starlets are using this technique not only on their face, but on their bodies.  Contouring can completely change the shape of your face by carving out the best features and accentuating them.  But now, the Kardashians have taken it even one step further and actually spray tan on their contour. Each one of these sessions cost over $100!

There are hundreds of YouTube videos on contouring but I have yet to come across my DIY contouring idea. It’s basically where you get the same results (sky high cheek bones and toned abs) but you only pay $12! How?

Well you will have to watch my video to find out the secret. I’ll show you how I did and give you step by step instructions so you can try it too!  Have fun!




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