Kim Kardashian’s DIY Boob Job Test

posted by Jessica Carroll July 7, 2016

So how do Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner get their ‘girls’ so perky?  I bet they normally spend thousands of dollars a day on beauty products but I have a little DIY secret about how they get their boobs looking bigger and lifted!  How’s that for a DIY beauty hack?   I’ll show you how with my roll of duct tape and my sexy halter jumper!  Yes, that is right, Kim and Kylie are known to duct tape their boobs to give themselves a DIY boob job!

I dared to duct tape my own skin, with bikini on because my grandma is watching!! I have to admit, it was like making my own swim suit top.  Normally I wear my sticky boobs with my backless tops and dresses, which I love, but one thing about them is that when I sweat they fall off.  So I wanted to see if the duct tape did a better job.  Does it really work?!  See before and after results in my video!  I’ll also give you little trick to get the sticky duct tape off quick and painless.

duct tape boobs before after

Now it’s your turn, what products do you want me to review?  Is there a beauty hack out there that everyone is talking about but you want to know the truth about whether it works or not!?  I love putting the hottest celebrity trends to the test.  Tweet me your thoughts at @JessCarrollTV.  I love hearing from you all!

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