Kylie Jenner Lip Kit: Black vs. White

posted by Jessica Carroll July 14, 2016

Hello my loves!

As you know I recently reviewed the Kylie Jenner lip and found out it wasn’t really my thing! She’s been getting a ton of negative reviews (and some good ones!) but I wanted to find out if it was just me or if it needed another set of lips to test it out! I’ve been dying to collaborate with my friend Shannon Boodram, so we thought this was the perfect beauty product to try out together! You should all check her out, she’s amazing! She is, shall we say, more ‘exotic’ than I am and as she says she wanted to give everyone the black girl response! Watch us apply, dry and chat about our thoughts! We tested the same color but had very different outcomes! The term “black don’t crack” applies to this video! Check it out to see what I mean.




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