Kylie Jenner’s Fit Tea Review: The Truth Revealed?

posted by Jessica Carroll May 11, 2016

Have you been seeing all those teatox Instagram posts with every celebrity imaginable for Fit Tea, Lyfe Tea, Skinny Bunny Tea and the dozens of other copy cat brands? Ever wonder why they all have been endorsing these teas or what these teatoxes are even made of? How about whether or not they even work?

Well, I have, so I decided to put this quick fix to the test!  For the last two weeks I’ve been teatoxing with a daily dose of Fit Tea.

After starting my own research, I discovered the teatox industry is one of the fastest growing businesses on Instagram and influencers who endorse them, ie. Kylie Jenner, are being paid upwards of quarter million dollars to post one picture on Instagram with product in hand.  Celebs are saying the tea gives them a boost of energy, relaxes them, allows them to loose that extra bit of weight before photo shoots.  This begs the question of how much a stamp of approval is worth — the honest truth or a simple transactional agreement for a quick tea endorsement.

Kylie Jenner Fit Tea

But what is actually in the tea? The packages make claims that the teas promote “fat burning”, “reduces bloating”, “makes you feel light” and “cleans the digestive system”.  I learned that these teatoxes, like all dietary supplements in the US are not formally regulated by the FDA and only register with the agency to do their own testing to find out whether or not their products are safe, therefore I had to do my own homework to find out what ingredients are found in these teas since labels don’t give full disclosure about what’s inside and its side effects.  One of the primary ingredients in most of the teas is something called “senna” which acts as a laxative.  This is the same ingredient you’d find in laxative products such as Ex-Lax.   While senna is not harmful for one-off use, some experts are saying it’s not something people should be consuming on a regular basis for extended periods of time.

Now are you curious to know what I really have to say about my 2 week experience on Fit Tea?!  Watch my video to learn more about whether this teatox trend is a real quick fix or quick fib!

Here is the link to the Racked article I refer to in the video.

***DISCLAIMER: This video is strictly an opinion and makes no claims about this product or its affiliates.




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