Kylie Jenner’s Teeth Whitening Secret: Coco White

posted by Jessica Carroll July 29, 2016

I’ve got another teeth whitening celebrity secret to share. You know I’ve tried activated charcoal to whiten my teeth (or if you haven’t check out my video!) Remember, black minerals all over my mouth and teeth. Wasn’t exactly appealing on the eyes if you ask me! But I do have another all natural way to get those pearly whites even whiter. I found out about this product through none other, Kylie Jenner. She also uses a product called CoCoWhite, which is a chemical free product that claims to kill bacteria and plaque on contact.   It does something in your mouth called oil pulling which has been around for thousands of years and was used as an Indian folk remedy. It reduces the harmful bacteria in the mouth that creates ‘biofilm’, but I won’t get too technical on you.

So as I always do, I gave it a try for 14 days! Directions say to swish in your mouth for 5 minutes working up to 15 minutes a day, which in my opinion, requires some serious dedication! It comes in a neat sachet for easy application. If you want to know if it works or not, which I know you do, check out my video now! I give you my honest opinion on all my celebrity product reviews and actually use them to test if it’s a quick fib or quick fix that actually works!

If you are interested in purchasing CocoWhite click here!


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