Kylie Jenner’s Zit Secret!

posted by Jessica Carroll July 22, 2016

How do celebrities always have amazing skin?  And by amazing skin, I mean they have zero acne and no breakouts!  Everyone has pimples, zits, acne — whatever you want to call it — there is no denying it!  We’ve all been in the emergency situation of needing that zit to disappear immediately for that special date, job interview, or party — I mean any pimple can mean major social anxiety, am I right?!  I wear make up every single day and I have oily skin so I get breakouts!  I’m not going to hide it.  Sometimes I need a quick fix to get those pesky pimples dried out asap so I can be camera ready the following day.

Kylie Jenner just recently posted on her snapchat about her skin drying go to product.  Her secret to clearing her acne: Mario Badescu’s drying lotion. It claims it’s a fast acting spot treatment that gets rid of whiteheads overhead. She showed us in her video how to apply, so I say let’s give it a try!

I tried it on a few problem areas on my face and immediately felt tingling which showed me it went right to work!  I slept with it on over night and I give you my advice on how to apply for best results and tell you what I really about Mario Badescu’s drying lotion!  Was Kylie endorsed to post about it in her snapchat or not? We may never know, so check out my new video now, it’s up on my channel!



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