Literally The Best Straightener I’ve Ever Used

posted by Jessica Carroll November 11, 2016

Alright, so if you’re like me, your hair is pretty much your everything. Excessive styling can cause damage to your hair, and over time it can cause breakage, split ends, and extreme dryness. Overall, not good. Does that mean we need to stop styling all-together? Heck no! Here’s why:

My friends over at Maxius Beauty sent me this amazing new straightener that keeps your hair away from the harmful heated plates, and administers a tiny blast of steam to steam-straighten your hair all while hydrating it.

I brought my friend Shan Boody along to the party (she has AMAZINGLY big hair) to see if the Maxiglide was up for the challenge. She says that it normally takes her 3 solid days of flat-ironing her hair to get it to become straight.

So, will the Maxiglide live up to the challenge? Watch the video to find out! The results are TRULY amazing.

Disclaimer: YES this is the first time I had ever used the straightener. I was very nervous to straighten Shan’s hair, because I am NO hair-dresser. I have not been trained at all on this product. I really DID have confidence in the Maxiglide after I talked to the owner of the company, Max. He’s styled and straightened the hair of celebs all over the world like Heather Locklear, Mark Walberg (I know, right?), Debra Messing, and tons more.

Bottom line — he knows a thing or two when it comes to styling and straightening hair.

Thanks for checking out the video, and if you liked the product I will be able to post the link for a discount code as soon as the company sends it over! Keep checking in for a discount code — it will be coming shortly.

Love ya!

– Jess

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