How To Overhaul Your Skincare Routine With 3 Easy Steps

posted by Jessica Carroll February 10, 2017

As someone who wears makeup every single day, my skin is very stubborn. I deal with random breakouts all the time, which are no fun. It got to the point where I new I had to make a change because having a pimple pop up the day before a red carpet truly effects with your self-confidence.

I remembered back to my high school days when I had pretty bad acne. The only skincare products that made a difference to my skin were from Proactiv. So I decided to collaborate with them and try the Proactiv Solution 3-step process.

I have been using the Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, and Repairing Treatment for 30 days and I have already noticed a huge change to my skin. My breakouts are few and far between…and more importantly my confidence has gone way up!

It’s true, when you look good, you feel good!

When I received the box in the mail I totally freaked out because as I opened it Julianne Hough’s face was on the cover of the brochure inside. The reason this surprised me is because, no joke, a few days before I was working the red carpet at the American Music Awards and Julianne Hough’s radiant skin caught my attention. Her skin was glowing!!!! Now I know that her clear skin secret is PROACTIV.

I wanted to share this video because I believe life is all about living a confident, active, happy lifestyle and it starts from within. When you feel pretty your attitude changes and the Proactiv Solution 3-step system can help with that…and it’s easy!


Step One: Renewing Cleanser

As I mentioned before I wear makeup every single day so I take my cleansing routine very seriously. Nothing feels better than coming home after a long day at work and taking off your makeup. The Renewing cleanser is awesome because it has tiny exfoliating beads that help get everything out of your pores. Once I pat dry, my skin feels clean but not tight.

Step Two: Revitalizing Toner

Now that my skin is clean, I’m ready for step two. I soak a cotton pad with the Revitalizing Toner and sweep it across my entire face. It feels amazing and really makes sure your skin is perfectly clean.

Step Three: Repairing Treatment

Now my face is ready for some serious hydration. I usually have a hard time finding a moisturizer that doesn’t make my skin feel greasy. This oil-free gel formula is light enough to keep my T-zone shine-free while also keeping the dryer parts of my face dewy and soft all day.


It’s only been 30 days, but I can already see an improvement in my skin after doing this simple routine every morning and night. My complexion is much more even and I am not breaking out as much. Overall my skin looks brighter and I couldn’t be happier.

I hope you liked this video! If you have any clear skin secrets please message me on Instagram at @JessCarrollTV!

If there are any products you want me to review please let me know!



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