Seriously Sexy Tampons That Give Back

posted by Jessica Carroll November 29, 2016

I never thought I would say this but I actually found a “Sexy Tampon!” Now I know what you are thinking, how can a tampon be sexy? Well let me explain.


Every 3 weeks I get a special delivery in the mail at the same time as my “special delivery” 😉 and it instantly makes me happy. Inside the box are ORGANIC stylishly wrapped tampons and sleek and practical containers to store them in (floating tampons in a purse is so unsexy).

But I haven’t even shared the best part yet!

My life motto is “Live to Give” and that is another significant reason why I’m obsessed with Cora.

Cora has a 1 for 1 giving model! With every monthly box, they help a girl in a developing country get menstrual education and a month’s supply of sanitary pads. How awesome is that!?

So…Not only are these organic tampons delivered to your door step every month so you no longer have to wait in those long drugstore lines, but you’re also giving back and making a difference every month.


Now I am about to get really personal (warning), Cora’s tampons are by far the most comfortable ones I’ve ever used! Enough said about that! 😉

Cora Tampon Jessica Carroll

Inside the Cora Signature Kit you get:

  • Little Black Box: A sleek tampon box sophisticated enough to sit confidently atop your vanity.
  • Little Black Clutch: A black vegan leather clutch that is about palm-size and holds up to 4 tampons. I love this because you can store it in your purse and when you’re in public you can carry only this to the bathroom (no more stuffing tampons in your bra).
  • Stowaways: **My personal favorite. These look like jumbo-sized lipsticks. They store individual tampons perfect for bringing out when you hit the town with your girls!


All this for only $6-$18 a month depending on tampon quantity.

All I have to say is I am hooked… Cora’s tampons are comfortable, organic, hassle free, stylish, and give back! Now that’s what I am talking about!

Click here to get Cora Tampons! ***Use the code “YesJess” for a 20{34fb4eeda169cb5dad04eef044e1cf7f06c385608f13d9640b5cf0ca5badb836} discount (Valid until December 14th)!





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