posted by Jessica Carroll October 9, 2016

You guys, it wasn’t just a scene in Miss Congeniality! Sandra Bullock really does use Preparation H hemorrhoid cream under her eyes to decrease inflammation, rid dark circles, and prevent wrinkles because according to her it’s “vasoconstrictor”. (That means it helps reduce puffiness. After all, hemorrhoids are puffy.) And if you can’t trust Sandy B., who can you trust? Me!!!

In my latest video I put this beauty quick fix to the test…yes, I put ass cream under my eyes to see if it would rid my dark circles. I even tried it on my boyfriend. Hehe 🙂

After reading the label and ingredients of the cream I got a little worried, so I called up my friend and nurse practitioner, James Simmons, with Ask The NP, to find out if it will actually work and more importantly, if it’s safe!

Watch the video to find out if butt cream, aka hemorrhoid cream, aka Preparation H actually works as a quick fix to rid dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles!

Let me know if you have heard of any other crazy celebrity beauty tricks that you want me to put to the test.




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