Tips & Tricks to Eat and Live Healthier

posted by Jessica Carroll April 3, 2017

Life is all about living a healthy, confident, FUN lifestyle!

I hung out with my friend Danika Brysha. She is a curve model and CEO and founder of Model Meals, a healthy food delivery company. She shared easy tips and tricks on how to eat and live cleaner.

We answered 4 main questions:

What to eat?

When you go grocery shopping, try to stay on the outside of the store to get the whole, fresh products like vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, eggs etc.

Avoid foods with labels.

Always choose organic, especially when it comes to produce. It protects your body from all the chemicals they spray.

Danika personally doesn’t eat dairy, gluten, soy, and sugar (she substitutes it with honey & organic Stevia).

I try to avoid dairy, red meat, and gluten. But of course, you all know I like my wine and alcohol. It’s all about balance and tuning in to find out what works for your body.

When to eat?

Tune into your body. Everyone’s metabolism is different. If you’re hungry, eat but make sure to eat the right foods.


How much to eat?

If you tune into your body you will know when you are full.

Food is fuel for our soul so fill it with the right foods.

Eat well-balanced meals (vegetables, protein, and carbs).

Bottom line, tune into your body and see what works best for you. Everyone is different. Everyone has different body types and metabolism. Of course, it is very important to also workout along with eating clean.

The benefits of eating clean are amazing!

Weight loss obviously


Mental Clarity

Better Sleep

Mood and Happiness

Productivity and Energy

Cravings will disappear

I hope you liked this video. If you are interested in trying Model Meals click the link below.

Let me know what your favorite meals are! Let’s keep the conversation going on Instagram at @JessCarrollTV! 



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