posted by Jessica Carroll July 21, 2017

You can’t think of Kim Kardashian without thinking of makeup. She’s pretty much responsible for making contouring popular, and she just came out with her very own contour kit! Surprised? Not really, but I had to get my hands on it to give it a try for you girls!

With your order, you get a contour stick, a highlight stick, and a double brush/sponge duo. The kits are $48.

I wanted to test them out exactly as KimK uses them. She recently released a YouTube tutorial of how she does her makeup in 5 minutes. I followed this video step by step! My thoughts are in the video above!

Here are all the steps to get Kim Kardashian West’s Every Day Natural Look:
  1. Apply moisturizer
  2. Use the matte highlighter to brighten areas you want to conceal – under eyes, forehead, chin, and smile lines
  3. Use the lighter contour stick to slim the nose – and apply on the tip of your nose to make it look shorter and “cute” (as Kim says in the video!)
  4. Use the darker shade of the contour stick to define cheek bones and the edge of your face – go around the hairline for a short forehead look
  5. Kim’s tip: Draw a 3 shape from forehead, down cheekbones, and along the jaw line
  6. Blend forehead first with brush side in small circular motions
  7. Then blend down nose and under cheek bones
  8. Wet the sponge to blend and melt highlighter into your skin
  9. Then use your fingers to make sure everything is nicely blended
  10. The light contour side doubles as a lip liner and lip color
  11. The darker color doubles as eye shadow for under your eyes and in the crease
  12. Use shimmer highlighter on the bridge of your nose and inner corners of your eyes for a dewy look. Also, apply the matte highlighter on the inside of your undereye.
  13. Under brow line apply the highlighter with shimmer
  14. Apply the shimmer highlighter on your collarbones and shoulders to make them pop
  15. Add shimmer highlighter above your cheekbone
  16. Apply translucent powder everywhere
  17. Warm up cheeks with medium color contour.

And Voila!

Let me know if you have tried the KKW Beauty contour kit.

See you in the next video!


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