Celery Juice Cleanse For The Win

It seems everyone I follow is on this celery juice cleanse…I was having serious #FOMO

So guess what?? This whole week I am saying YES to drinking sixteen ounces of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. Sounds delicious doesn’t it. NOT?😂

Normally, when you think of celery you might think of the food that you burn calories eating: bloody mary’s, a great boat to old your hummus, peanut butter, or tzukiiki…and I right or am I right?

Celery is actually high in vitamins and minerals as well as an anti-inflammatory, deotixery and not to mention thats it’s great for your gut!

So here’s why drinking this green drink every morning 30 minutes before food is good for you.

☆ Lowers Blood Pressure

☆ ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Celery contains luteolin, a potent flavonoid, that can act as an antioxidant and calm inflammation.

☆ Hydrates Skin:

The juice extracted from celery is high in water as 95% of the weight of the plant is water. Hence, drinking celery juice in a regular manner can fulfill our daily requirements of water and keeps our skin cells hydrated. As a result, we get clear skin. (I am sure drinking a huge glass of water in the morning would do the same but whatever😂.)

☆ Celery juice should be consumed immediately upon waking up, on an empty stomach for maximum benefits. ☆

You may start to feel the positive changes in as little as seven days after starting your daily celery juice habit, but you can continue drinking it for as long as you want. Make sure it’s fresh. Try to wait about 15 min before consuming anything else.

How to make celery juice:

Method #1 – Juicer

○ Take 1 bunch of celery

○ Juice the celery using the instructions per your juicer.

Method #2 – Blender

○ 1 bunch celery

○ 1/2 cup water or more if needed

○ Roughly chop the celery and add to your blender with the water. Begin to blend. If it’s not blending, add a little more water.

○ Strain the celery pulp out using a wire mesh strainer, a flour sack towel, or a nut bag.


You might be thinking what I am thinking, what is the difference between eating and drinking celery?

Eating celery stalks, while very healthy and important, is not the same as drinking pure celery juice. When celery is juiced, the pulp (fiber) is removed, and its healing benefits become much more powerful and bioavailable, especially for someone with chronic illness. You’ll also be able to consume far more celery as juice than you would by eating it.

If you only ate celery, you wouldn’t be able to receive all of its concentrated undiscovered cluster salts. These cluster salts are not just mineral salts; they’re far more specialized. Mineral salts are critical for our bodies to function, but there is an undiscovered subgroup of sodium that I call cluster salts, and these are unique and special in the way they support the liver’s personalized immune system and bind onto toxins and help flush them from the liver.

With that all being said, here we go! I will update you after this week!


After a week of drinking celery juice, I can confidently say that it made me feel AMAZING! The main thing is that it helped clear my skin so much, as well as reduced inflammation and indigestion. I wasn’t bloated this whole week and that’s super rare for me because usually I am lol. I also noticed that drinking celery juice helped boost my energy and kept my mind clear all day long. I’ve seen nothing but positives when drinking this green juice, so you can catch me keeping up with this trend especially during the holidays.