Meet Jess


As host of the viral YouTube channel, Jessica Carroll TV , she has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers. Her videos — which help women increase their self-confidence and get the life they want — collectively boast millions of views. Inspired by her late father’s life teachings, or “Phil-osophies”, Jessica empowers people to overcome doubt and negative self-talk by teaching them the “how” and “why” behind employing a Value-Based life through her newly launched YES Life Program. Here, she creates an intimate space through transformational workshops, sharing empowering tools that allow women to connect and create lasting, foundational change in their lives.

Jessica has both been featured in and reported for a variety of national media outlets, including E! News, HSN, and LA Live. With the reputation as an energetic and engaging host, she’s interviewed A-list celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Meghan Trainor, and Floyd Mayweather. In addition to being cast for prime time reality shows, like ABC’s The Bachelor, she’s a repeat host for the well-known and worldwide Home Shopping Network. Jessica’s refreshing and relevant approach also makes her a sought-after international speaker, sharing how to live a value-based life with audiences around the world.

As a digital entrepreneur, she has a loyal social media following with more than 300,000 followers who tune into her fun, candid, real-life, and authentic perspective on what it takes to be seen, feel secure, and love yourself in a world often clouded with so much noise.

One of Jessica’s latest projects is her show, called “The YES Life.” She chats with inspiring people who share ideas that help others get to their “YES” life. And what’s that? That’s the life they truly LOVE. One in which they can say,
“Yes, this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. Yes, this is my purpose.”

A key component of Jessica’s YES Life Program is her V.A.L.U.E Morning Routine, which was conceived after she fell into a deep depression following her father’s passing. This simple 5 step practice will keep your childhood spirit alive every day and allow you to live your YES life!


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